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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

A dental implant is designed to replace a tooth too damaged to be saved. An implant is used to replace the entire structure of the tooth , including the root. The technique utilizes a titanium fixture surgically placed into your jawbone, which replicates the function of a tooth's root.

dental implant are an artificial object that simulates an enamel root and is placed surgically into the jaw bone and serves as an anchor or basis for fixed or removable substitute enamel.

Dr. Manisha Pathak is the best experinced endodontist can provide dental implant treatment .

Why do we need Dental Implants?

The dental implant is the nearest & high-quality manner of changing the enamel that changed into lost. Any different way of replacing the teeth will honestly compromise adjacent teeth or bone or gum situation and so forth over a period.

Removable tooth (Removable Partial Dentures) used to replace a lacking tooth isn’t a hard and fast choice and over time bone loss occurs in this kind of manner that constant alternatives like implant might be difficult to do on the later date until aggressive bone grafting surgical procedures accomplished.

Although, the bridge is a set option it compromises adjoining tooth with the aid of grinding it into small shape to preserve the bridge. The more load of the bridge adds more forces on grinding enamel and even they end up unfastened over few years which needs to be removed over a duration of 6-10 years.

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